Sheriff waiting for autopsy report in Curtis death

Investigators with the Macon County Sheriff’s Office continue to gather evidence and piece together the facts of an incident that led to the death of Hunter Curtis on March 26.
   The nature of the events that led up to Curtis being shot by his father Tony Curtis has led to several theories within the community as to what happened at the Curtis residence.
   “I can assure the public that we are in the midst of a thorough and complete investigation into the incident, and when all of that information is gathered we will present the case in its entirety to the district attorney’s office,” Macon County Sheriff Robert Holland said. “An autopsy was completed, but I will caution the public that the results of all of the tests can take several weeks. Our investigation will not end until we have complete reports from all of the agencies involved.”
   Deputies responded to the Curtis home on Stonecreek Drive at approximately 10:30 p.m. on March 26 and found Hunter Curtis lying in a bathtub with his legs over the side. He had been shot in the abdomen and later died at the hospital.
   According to MCSO reports, Hunter came to the residence and got into an argument with his father that turned physical. Following a lengthy physical altercation with his father, Hunter Curtis attempted to break down a door to a bathroom where his mother was on the telephone with 911.
   According to the report, Tony Curtis retrieved a Ruger pistol from a nightstand and shot Hunter.
While the incident report states that Hunter Curtis “arrived home intoxicated” based on a statement from Tony Curtis and in the 911 call Monica Curtis noted that “Hunter is really drunk,” there is no official word at this time as to the level of intoxication of any of the parties involved.
   “There are several details of the case that I am simply not at liberty to discuss at this time,” Holland said. “Anyone speculating as to the intricacies of the incident that took place, the status of the people involved or the physical evidence, is doing just that (speculating).”
   Hunter Curtis’ body was transported from the scene to Angel Medical Center and then on to Jackson County for an autopsy. 
His funeral took place at Discover Church in Franklin on Thursday.

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