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Frenchman sentenced to death over Indonesia drug smuggling

Mon, 05/20/2019 - 10:55am
Félix Dorfin was convicted of trafficking about 3kg (6.6lb) of various drugs into Indonesia.

Austrian government in turmoil over video scandal

Mon, 05/20/2019 - 8:58am
Chancellor Kurz wrestles with a coalition crisis as his far-right ally is caught in a video sting.

Huawei's Android loss: How it affects you

Mon, 05/20/2019 - 8:19am
Google's move to end business ties with Huawei will affect current devices and future purchases.

Trump's 'genocidal taunts' will not end Iran - Zarif

Mon, 05/20/2019 - 8:04am
Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the US president should try showing Iranians some respect.

US billionaire clears 400 student loans

Mon, 05/20/2019 - 6:56am
Robert F Smith made the commitment to graduates at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cambodia re-enacts Khmer Rouge killings - in pictures

Mon, 05/20/2019 - 6:44am
Actors pretend to slit throats on 20 May, an official holiday known as the "Day of Anger".

Ecuador hands over Julian Assange's belongings to US

Mon, 05/20/2019 - 6:29am
The Wikileaks founder is facing extradition requests from Sweden and the US over separate accusations.

Brazil violence: Gunmen kill 11 people in bar in Belém

Mon, 05/20/2019 - 6:13am
Gunmen shoot dead 11 people in a bar in apparent retaliation for the deployment of federal forces.

Al Jazeera suspends journalists for Holocaust denial video

Mon, 05/20/2019 - 6:04am
The Al Jazeera video claimed that Jewish people exaggerate the extent of the Holocaust.

Transgender woman shot, killed in US weeks after assault

Mon, 05/20/2019 - 5:07am
Police say Muhlaysia Booker's death is unrelated to an April assault, and no arrests have been made.

Game of Thrones finale gets mixed response

Mon, 05/20/2019 - 4:25am
No plot spoilers - but fans and critics have been weighing in on the finale of season eight.

'Dozens' killed in riot at Tajik high-security prison

Mon, 05/20/2019 - 2:46am
Three prison guards were among those killed during the riot, the second in the last six months.

Four things to expect from the week ahead

Mon, 05/20/2019 - 2:31am
Europe heads to the polls and the fate of the Iron Throne is finally decided.

Royal children play in Duchess of Cambridge's garden

Mon, 05/20/2019 - 2:29am
George, Charlotte and Louis play in the garden designed by their mother for the Chelsea Flower Show.

Australian finds A$100,000 gold nugget using metal detector

Mon, 05/20/2019 - 1:37am
The 1.4kg nugget was found by a man using a metal detector in a Western Australian gold field.

Diego Maradona at Cannes: Touching the foot 'blessed by God'

Sun, 05/19/2019 - 9:54pm
Filmmaker Asif Kapadia gets closer to Diego Maradona than any England defender ever could.

Volodymyr Zelensky: Comedian to be sworn in as Ukrainian president

Sun, 05/19/2019 - 9:25pm
Political novice Volodymyr Zelensky, elected by a landslide last month, will start his new job.

US president says war would be 'end' of Iran as tensions rise

Sun, 05/19/2019 - 9:12pm
The US president issues a stern warning as tensions rise between Washington and Tehran.

The hidden lives of ‘housegirls’ in Kenya

Sun, 05/19/2019 - 8:56pm
A charity in Kenya is calling for the introduction of laws to protect domestic workers to ensure their safety.

What will sway Malawi's unpredictable election?

Sun, 05/19/2019 - 7:28pm
Seven million Malawians are registered for Tuesday's election - here are seven things about the poll.


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