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Colombian bus fare dodgers made to mop floors in Bogotá

Wed, 09/19/2018 - 6:53am
Transport police in Bogotá makes a group of fare dodgers mop the floors as punishment.

Giant spider-web cloaks land in Aitoliko, Greece

Wed, 09/19/2018 - 6:52am
A large area of land by a lagoon in western Greece is covered by a giant spider-web.

Poor Toad: How Stormy Daniels ruined Mario Kart

Wed, 09/19/2018 - 6:40am
When details from her tell-all memoir were published, one detail stood out.

Sony unveils mini PlayStation Classic console

Wed, 09/19/2018 - 6:28am
Tekken 3 and Ridge Racer are among the titles on Sony's new miniature PlayStation.

North Korea summit: Diplomacy is back on track

Wed, 09/19/2018 - 6:16am
While North Korea's military threat remains, the Pyongyang summit puts diplomacy back on track.

US judge allows e-voting despite hack fears

Wed, 09/19/2018 - 6:12am
The state of Georgia judge is "gravely concerned" about hacking - but allows e-voting to go ahead.

Grenfell: Back to the school

Wed, 09/19/2018 - 5:56am
15 months after Grenfell, the school below the tower reopens its doors - what's it like to return?

Arrests in Georgia church for selling edible marijuana

Wed, 09/19/2018 - 5:17am
The pair were caught selling cereal treats, brownies and puddings laced with marijuana, police say.

Danske Bank boss quits over money-laundering scandal

Wed, 09/19/2018 - 3:37am
Thomas Borgen steps down after "indications" that its Estonian branch was used for money-laundering.

Strawberry needle scare: Australia PM vows crackdown on 'cowards'

Wed, 09/19/2018 - 3:24am
PM Scott Morrison unveils strict new laws, amid alarm over needles hidden in strawberries.

China won't devalue yuan to boost exports, says Premier Li

Wed, 09/19/2018 - 2:56am
China's Premier Li Keqiang says it is essential to uphold principles of free trade and multilateralism.

Mexico corpse trailer: Jalisco forensic chief Luis Octavio Cotero fired

Wed, 09/19/2018 - 2:40am
The refrigerated trailer contained some 150 unclaimed corpses because local mortuaries were full.

India man held for 'inhumane torture' of sister

Wed, 09/19/2018 - 2:33am
India police say the woman was locked up by her brother and intermittently starved for two years.

IBM launches tool aimed at detecting AI bias

Wed, 09/19/2018 - 1:58am
IBM is launching software which will monitor algorithms in real time and highlight how they make decisions.

Aboriginal man fights possible deportation from Australia

Wed, 09/19/2018 - 12:48am
Daniel Love is not a citizen but he cannot be deported as a foreigner, his lawyers argue.

North Korea agrees to shut down missile site, says Moon

Wed, 09/19/2018 - 12:12am
Kim Jong-un, speaking after talks with South Korea's president, also says he hopes to visit Seoul soon.

Christine Blasey Ford: Kavanaugh accuser 'faces death threats'

Tue, 09/18/2018 - 8:54pm
The woman who says the US Supreme Court pick once attacked her has had to flee home, says a lawyer.

Puerto Rico bets on a coffee comeback

Tue, 09/18/2018 - 8:25pm
Thousands of rural families in the rugged mountain region want to rebuild the hurricane-hit economy.

Facebook accused of job ad gender discrimination

Tue, 09/18/2018 - 8:12pm
Women in three US states were allegedly not shown job ads for certain "male-dominated professions".

Yemen conflict: A million more children face famine, NGO warns

Tue, 09/18/2018 - 7:57pm
"In one hospital I visited, the babies were too weak to cry," says the head of Save the Children.


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