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Trump vows 'fight to win' in Afghanistan

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 10:21pm
A hasty US withdrawal from Afghanistan would leave a vacuum for terrorists, the president said.

Melbourne terror charges: Men face court over mosque fires

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 9:22pm
The men set a mosque ablaze after being inspired by so-called Islamic State, police allege.

High view

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 8:10pm
BBC correspondent James Cook views the total eclipse from 40,000ft above the Pacific Ocean.

Libya crisis: Benghazi shootings video mars 'victory'

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 7:40pm
Just weeks after the Libyan city was declared liberated from Islamists, footage shows more bloodshed.

Long goodbye

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 7:27pm
Angolans go to the polls on Wednesday as President Dos Santos steps down after 38 years in power.

Hill 70

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 7:20pm
A new monument will commemorate the first time a Canadian commander led Canadian troops in WW1.

Revision time

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 7:08pm
From next month Turkish schools have a new curriculum and it is dividing parents.

Righting wrongs

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 7:03pm
Food firm Dr Oetker, says others should follow it and give back art they own that was looted by the Nazis from Jewish owners.

Pen pals

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 7:03pm
The BBC's Divya Arya asked two teenagers, Duaa from Srinagar and Saumya in Delhi, to become pen pals.

Earthquake on Ischia leaves at least one dead and 25 injured

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 7:01pm
An earthquake on Ischia leaves at least one person dead, with reports of others trapped and injured.

Men in South Africa court on cannibalism charges

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 6:20pm
Arrests are made after a KwaZulu-Natal man complained to police he was "tired" of eating human flesh.

Australian terror plan to hide plane bomb in Barbie revealed

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 6:15pm
Details emerge of plans to hide bombs inside a doll and a meat grinder on an Australian flight.

Chile abortion: Court approves easing total ban

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 5:16pm
News of the judges' ruling by 6-4 led to celebrations among left-of centre parties in Santiago.

Trump to unveil Afghanistan war strategy

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 5:13pm
The US president is expected to outline a more aggressive US counter-terrorism policy in the region.

Kim Wall: Torso found amid search for submarine journalist

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 5:04pm
"Too early" to tell if woman's remains are those of missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall, police say.

Ambushed Ohio judge shoots gunman dead outside court

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 4:54pm
Judge Joseph Bruzzese was shot several times, but returned fire in a gunfight outside his chambers.

Solar eclipse 2017: Donald Trump looks directly at the Sun

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 3:53pm
The US president couldn't resist taking a sneaky peek without his protective glasses.

Solar eclipse: See it in 60 seconds

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 3:45pm
A Nasa telescope captures the total solar eclipse as it passes over the western US state of Oregon.

Danish Crown Prince Frederik 'denied entry to Australian pub'

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 2:42pm
The royal was turned away because he and his entourage did not have proper identification.

Angolans vote to replace long-serving president

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 2:33pm
Angola votes for a new president who will replace a man who has been in power since 1979.


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